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  1. Cannabis is a human right. We should not be adjudicating people based upon their immigration status. All persons, regardless of residency, should be eligible. Current language excludes non-resident student visa holders, children of visa holders, DACA, etc etc.

    Change to…

    5(K) Patient – All persons, regardless of residency, are eligible for a patient license. Patient licenses require a recommendation from an Oklahoma licensed medical practitioner with prescriptive authority. Patient licenses for persons who are under the age of eighteen (18) shall require two recommendations from Oklahoma licensed medical practitioners with prescriptive authority. Patient licenses issued by states other than Oklahoma shall be recognized as equivalent to an Oklahoma issued patient license, except that Patient Licensees who are not Oklahoma residents shall not be afforded a homegrow provision or allowance. There shall be no qualifying medical conditions for a patient license or for the rights to which the patient is entitled in accordance with this Article. Patient licenses shall be good for up to two years and shall cost $100. Persons on Medicare, Medicaid, and veterans shall pay only $20 for their patient license.

  2. Tax goes to 20% once federalized? Who is going to get rich? Yikes! The Oklahoma Cannabis Commission……. “4(J) Upon citizen or legislative action that results in the full access of Marijuana to all residents of the United States age 21 and over, the 7% tax specified in this section will be replaced by a rate of up to 20% on sales of marijuana and marijuana products not sold to all Oklahoma Resident, Non Resident and Minor Patient Licensees.”

    1. This is an open concept. The current intent is that if Recreational passes, it can pick up the tax burden currently carried by patients. The top concern is to ensure our program remains funded. As far as government goes, the budget is the plan. Be sure to check out the sections on expenditure to see where the money would go and what it would be spent on. That is an area we’d love more feedback on!!

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